• In case you didn't see my previous message-

    The newest chapter of the manga is currently out on HJ.

    We get a cute scene of Curele taking a bath with Soichiro, and Hiroto gets a boob pillow from both Mimia and Valkyria after waking up in the morning.

    Also the cover is a adorable image of Mimia eating a piece of bread.

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    • Interesting to know. Seems to me that Hiroto's real challenge for the election is only the beginning...

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    • Based on the current relationship between Hiroto, Mimia and Valkyria in the Novel/Manga....

      ...what do you think would happen if he married either of them, and how would it effect his politicial goals/ambitions if he did so?

      Also do you think he would marry them according to his traditions, or according to theirs? (A mummy wedding/marriage ceremony would be interesting to see...)

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    • This, I personally not too sure myself. 

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    • The english translation for chapter 35 is now out online.

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    • OK, good. My apologies. I was busy on something... Anyway, go figure that this chapter is the beginning of Hiroto's feud with Feuillet, starting with the wheat's price manipulation.

      I've got a funny feeling that the manga may gonna end with at Gezerkia Arc...

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    • Chapter 36 is already out.

      That was fast....

      Curele is adorable in this chapter, especially when she gives Soichiro a head pat.

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    • Awesome. Sorry because I was busy in real life but anyways, I think there's there's more than that in this new chapter here:

      • Excelis's dilemma continues when even the retiring governor said no to her development project proposal. Her reason of her development plan? Salabria is suffering the overpopulation problem and she needs to curb it with that project, although this ironically makes her not too different than Feuillet. Also, said retiree is also one of few people who did not discriminate the vampires due to his experience in witnessing Hybride's crisis 50 years ago. Why, he actually urging Excelis to visit Solum to see the truth herself. 
      • Speaking of Solum, the argument between bakery owner and housewives are getting intense with the latter rioting over the bread's price despite the former try to tell them that he had not choice. Fortunately, Hiroto comes here to pacify the situation by having some talks: he will likely gonna lend some money to the bakery owner while having the housewives to help out. Sorceire also helping out by having Neka to fund Solum for a year but keep in mind that this solution is only temporary...
      • Hiroto and others are still wondering who sabotaged the wheat price to even begin with. While this is going on, Hiroto recalls that the upcoming election is coming in 4 days and thinking that he is unlikely going to vote for Feuillet, considering his plans to ruin his rise from chapters ago. He then asks Alvy for help, though the latter said that even the elves are unlikely going to help Solum. This marks the beginning of Hiroto's rivalry with Feuillet and Excelis...

      From the way I see it, this chapter is only a prelude to the Election Arc because not only the wheat price thing is being manipulated by the obvious perpetrator, we still have Excelis whose "good intentions" isn't not even considered pragmatic.

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    • Indeed, it will be interesting to how these developments are resolved.

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    • The translation for chapter 36 is finally out.

      It definitely seems like something is going on behind the scenes.

      The question now is how exactly will the other side respond to Hiroto's tactics? 

      Also, it will be interesting to see how Excelis reacts when she finally visits Solum and sees the new population for herself....

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    • Really? Already? Well whichever the case, Hiroto has 2 rivals to worry about and Solum's woes about the wheat prices is more than just a mere coincidence. As you said, Excelis's visit Solum will be an eye opener for if she visit the town and see the truth herself.

      Come to think of it, is Soichiro is the only one who somewhat realize Secondaria's grudge against Hiroto?!

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