Salabria Saga, also known as First Arc, is an introductory saga of the series where Hiroto and Sōichirō landed onto a strange kingdom named Hybride Kingdom via a magical map, and here on begin their journey new adventure in Hybride whilst trying to adapt their new life.

The saga begins with Hiroto and Sōichirō arrives at a strange world via a magic map and, upon their arrival, they are tasked by a arrogant noblemen Ulkan and Sentelio to capture and execute a vampire (namely Valkyria) who wreck havoc at Solum. The duo instead spares Valkyria that garners Sentelio's discontent for the duo and have frames them for the "wrath" of Spiritual Light that is fading at Solum-until Ulkan's death by the curse of the said spirit. With the help from Valkyria and Mimia, Hiroto restores Solum's Spiritual Light and becomes the Castle Lord of Solum and his success in Solum marks his first adventure in Hybride.

This saga chronicling Hiroto's road to greatness as one of Salabria's important figure via his connections with various allies while feuding with several skeptical aristocrats, as well as having Other Species as his prime support with Valkyria, Mimia, Carabella, Sorceire, Alvy and Excelis are his prominent allies.

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