Kana パノプティコス
Romaji Panoputeikosu
Casual Name Panopticus
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eye Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Hybride Kingdom
Occupation Minister of Hybride Kingdom
Member of Hybride Privy Council
Position & Rank Prime Minister
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative ???
Birth Place ???
Light Novel Volume 5

Panopticus (パノプティコス Panoputeikosu) is the Prime Minister of Hybride Kingdom who serves King Moldius I and one of a member of Hybride Privy Council. Panopticus once attempt to abolish the Ibrid System as human population outnumbers the other species, until the rise of Hiroto-the Diferente from another world who became the Salabria's State Sheriff through his connection with the other species, particularly the Vampires. Originally, Panopticus was one of Hiroto's nemesis due to his antagonistic view onto the Ibrid System. However, as the story goes on, he gradually becomes one of few ministers who put their faith for Hiroto as Hybride's hero.

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Panopticus is seen with a short brown hear that is nowhere longer between his shoulders, as well as having an eye-patch that covers his right eye.


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Volume 13Edit

Panopticus is among of few ministers who worries about Magia Kingdom's impending invasion onto Hybride Kingdom when a lord from Magia was killed by a vampire.

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Volume 16Edit

Sometime after the Four Kingdom Summit, while Hiroto and others are meeting foreign merchants and sailors from Agnika and Gassel respectively, Panopticus is among of many who are stunned to hear Leonidas's sudden return from Regulus. In order to prevent Leonidas's manipulation onto Hiroto, both Panopticus and Universtel opt not to report the Diferente about the prince's sudden return.


  • His name may be a reference to "Panopticon" or "Panoptes" which is greek for All-Seeing or All-Seeing Eye. Which is ironic given the fact he is missing an eye.


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