Manga Chapter 36
Part of Unknown
Japanese Title 暴動
Arc Election Arc
Media Equivalence
Light Novel Volume 4
Anime Episode N/A
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Riot is the 36th chapter of Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita manga series.

Plot SummaryEdit

Part 1Edit

At Baulois's office, Excelis seeks his support for the upcoming election while proposing her own Developing Order to him. Whilst putting her plan on hold until the debate but opts to have his would-be successor to decide Salabria's future Development Orders, Baulois not only advises her to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the vampires by mentioning them as the forest guardians, but also recommends her to visit Solum to see the situation herself, with a reminder that politics isn't something to be done on the table alone. Excelis is so fixated on controlling Salabria's growing population that she views that the Development Order is the only solution, as well as a means to gain various lord's support so long she enacts the Development Order ins Salabria nationwide without exception. At the same time, however, it also increasing her dilemma as she wonders if she had to give in to their no exception deal in order to become the new Governor of Salabria.

Back to Solum, Hiroto and Sorceire are rushing to the bakery with the later says that she never heard that wheat prices rises so drastically as it now; aside from further telling Hiroto that there was a baker got beaten once by the townspeople for raising the princes, she also pleas that Solum's baker is not a person who raises the bread price for quick profit. This adds Hiroto's suspicions about the wheat price because according to him, the wheat trade was supposedly stable and since breads are essential food to the townspeople, doubling the price without any reason will only make the situation worse. Joined by Soichiro and Curele from behind, Hiroto is going to investigate the case and get the bottom of it. Meanwhile, tension between the baker and the townspeople soured so much that the latter accuses the baker as a greedy money grubber and vows not to buy breads from him again, no matter how the baker explains his situation. The commotion only calms down when Hiroto and other arrive to the scene and when the baker asks if he is to arrest him, Hiroto replies that he just want asks something and tells everyone comes with him along with the baker's cart.

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