Mummies' Aid
Manga Chapter 32
Part of Unknown
Japanese Title ミイラの力
Arc Torlan Arc
Media Equivalence
Light Novel Volume 3
Anime Episode N/A
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Distress is the 32nd chapter of Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita manga series.

Plot SummaryEdit

Part 1Edit

Outside the Mummy Ruins, while waiting for Mimia, Hiroto begins to think a plan to capture the culprit by borrowing the Mummy's aid, all the while realizing that there is a trap inside the Ruins.

Part 2Edit

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Part 3Edit

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Part 4Edit

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Part 5Edit

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Part 6Edit

While the last kidnapper is subdued by the Mummies, one Mummy informs Sorciere that Hiroto sent them to save her and to do so, he urges her to warp herself as a mummy first. The getup itself prompts Sorciere to reminiscing the day she was cursed but this time, she isn't feel afraid.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Important NoteEdit

  • The entire ch

Difference Between Light Novel and MangaEdit

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