Spirpt's Light (Part 2)
Manga Chapter 3
Part of Volume 1
Japanese Title 精霊の灯 (後編)
Romaji Seirei no Akari
Arc Solum Arc
Media Equivalence
Light Novel 1
Anime Episode N/A
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Spirit's Light (Part 2) is the third chapter of Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita manga series.

Plot SummaryEdit

Just as she was about to suck Hiroto's blood, Valkyrie was shocked to see his head being wrapped by mummy bandages until she saw a drunken Sōichiro's arrival, causing her to aim for her new target only to see him vomiting at her. This gave Hiroto a chance to subdue Valkyrie with bandage he received from Mimia while accidentally groping her breast. Valkyrie however refused to admit defeat as she warned them that they will never get away from what they did to her because she is a daughter of her clan's Tribe Elder. Hiroto called her out for attacking the innocent but Valkyrie refuted that it was because she was hungry, though Hiroto began to worry that Valkyrie will be killed by angry villagers. With the persuasion from Mumia and Valkyrie's plea for mercy, Hiroto was planning on keeping Valkyrie alive while taking back to Solem.

Meanwhile at Solem, Ulkan and Sentelio have invited Archbishop Erwin, Currency Exchange Minister Zenith, Neka Steward and Primaria Merchant for a feast in order to gain their support for Solem's development. The guests however refused to support Solem by mentioning "rumors" of the feudal lord's death by a spirit's curse, not to mention there weren't any elves visited the town despite the monsters' population which Erwin deemed as "uninteresting". Without any choice, Ulkan, under Sentelio's "advice", decided to initiate the Elf Incentive Plan which also eliminating the mummies' population near Solem. Just as Sentelio was about to leave with the contract however, a solider reported to him about Hiroto's return along with his capture of Valkyrie who he initially saw as a "fake", to Valkyrie's fuming.

Anyway, Hiroto begun his negotiation with Sentelio in regards of a treaty that forbid vampires attacking the villagers. Fearing his lord will led to astray by a mere kid, Sentelio protested against the treaty as he thought it akin to Solem's allegiance with the monsters and further causing elves to avoid town. Hiroto refuted this, however, as he claimed that the treaty as a people's motivation to defend themselves against the vampire in the future. Even as Ulkan agreed with Hiroto, Sentelio immediately ordered Valkyrie to be killed but Hiroto warned him that killing Valkyrie would only endangering Solum and its surrounding cities further from the Vampire Tribes' wrath. After she signed the treaty with Ulkan, Valkyrie was freed and she flew away. Whilst Hiroto and Sōichiro were congratulated for capturing the vampire, Sentelio meanwhile muttered his plan to eliminate the duo.

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