A Lord's Obligation
Manga Chapter 20
Part of Volume 3
Japanese Title 城主の成すべきごと
Romaji Jōshu no nasubeki goto
Arc Sorceire Arc/Torlan Arc
Media Equivalence
Light Novel Volume 3
Anime Episode N/A
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A Lord's Obligation is the 25th chapter of Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita manga series.

Plot SummaryEdit

Part 1Edit

Whilst welcoming Hiroto and Sōichiro's return from Secondaria, Sentelio is appalled to hear that Hiroto refused to join Secondaria Alliance and berates him for it despite Hiroto explains that joining the alliance means deteriorating his relationship with the vampires. Not helping matters for him is that Sōichiro that they will be staying at Solum for 5 years.

Part 2Edit

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Part 3Edit

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Part 4Edit

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Part 5Edit

At Secondaria, Torlan gathers his remaining allies for the Secondaria Alliance's meeting in regards of Secondaria's Development Plan. Despite his former allies'(Cerca, Est and Dexia) defection for Solum, Torlan insists on continuing the project without Neka-which one nobles cites that Neka's denouncement was due to Darmur's newfound friendship with Hiroto and the vampires since the previous incidents. Torlan argues that the project's termination will not only forcing Secondaria citizens to embrace the Ibrid System by welcoming the vampires into their society, but also affecting Secondaria's chances of winning against Primaria for the upcoming election, something he desperately warns the nobles. This prompts one noble to blame Torlan for the former allies' defection and reminds him that the Secondaria Alliance's main objective is to support Feuillet before ending the meeting.

Torlan also worries that because of the previous incident, the elves may considering on terminating the Secondaria's Development Plan that prompts him to desperately trying to solve the problem before Feuillet's return from the capital. To his dismay, however, Feuillet, in his letter, tells Torlan not to do anything before his return; making Torlan even more desperate as he deems Neka's departure may put Secondaria Alliance in hot water.

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Difference Between Light Novel and MangaEdit

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