Magia Saga, or known as the Third Saga, is an third saga of the series chronicling Hiroto's challenges after he becomes The Margrave of Hybride and a peacemaker between it and Phyllis: Not only he have to confront more discontent noblemen within Hybride, he also have to face three rivals who challenges his influence within the continent: Urseus the King of Magia who belittles vampires as "savages", Disgurd the leader of her vampire clan who is also Gezerkia's bitter rival, and Freyas the Princess of Phyllis (who happens to be Eesh's niece) who ridicules Hybride for her uncle's "senile" decision.

One year has passed since Hiroto became Hybride's Margrave, he and Mimia are involved in a commotion at Noblesia where he and his allies are helping Lithia-a Mummy who hails from Noblesia wants to bring justice for her fellow Mummy Cecela who was raped by Pollard, one of Count Bourgault's son. When Pollard's execution spread across Hybride, Emperia aristocrats (namely Finnath, Belffergo, Rasmus and Lemaire) established the Anti-Hiroto Faction and they orchastrated a conspiracy to humillate Hiroto via their manipulation onto Moldius's concubine Orfina-who apparently a distant relative to Finnath and Belffergo, only to be outwitted by Hiroto who manage to overcome his ordeal and even outwitted the conspirators.

This overall saga is split into two mini sagas with each consists two main Story Arcs:

Noblesia Mummy Case Arc and Emperia Conspiracy Arc focus Hiroto's bitter feud with Hybride's aristocrats due to the execution of Pollard (one of Count Bourgault's son who raped a Mummy) that angered many noblemen such as Bourgault and his allies to the point staging a conspiracy against him. At the same time, Metis is confronting several oppositions against her such as Zieglete for their antagonism against Phyllis's diplomatic relationship with Hybride. The stories of Magia Invasion Arc and Four Kingdoms Summit Arc, on the other hand, sees Hiroto's rivalry against both Urseus due to the former's attempt to reduce the former's influence in the continent and eventually settle their rivalry at Regulus Republic while the latter attempt to restore Phyllis's prominence by provoking Hybride.

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