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Volume 18
LN Cover Volume 18.jpg
ISBN ISBN 978-4-7986-2141-8
Release Date March 1, 2021
Number of Pages 280
Cover Character Hiroto Kiyokawa
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The 18th Volume is the 18th novel of the Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita series. This light novel not only illustrates the beginning of Leonidas's reign new King of Hybride, courtesy with the help of Hiroto and his allies, but also the Diferente's feud with the deadly alliance of Hydran and other aristocrats who refuses to acknowledge Leonidas's reign despite his victory In addition, Magia is also involved in Hybride's affair.

Publisher's Summary[]

How will Hiroto deal with the rumbling conspiracy behind the enthronement of the new king Leonidas?

Leonidas overthrew the Duke of Hydran, an enemy to himself and to Hiroto, and ascended to the throne as the new King of Hybride. Although Hiroto has risen to the position of Lord of State as his single hand, the foundation of his royal power is still weak. In the midst of all this, the issue of reparations with the neighboring kingdom of Magia must be settled as soon as possible. The Duke of Heidrun, who is in the throes of defeat, joins forces with the Marquis of Belphegor, who is also a rival to Hiroto, to play one last game. Hiroto heads to the vampire tribe to strengthen his royal power, but trouble is brewing in the palace. The story of Hiroto's rise to power in another world takes on a new stage, and his battle begins!


  • Prologue-Barbarian Princess
  • Chapter 1-
  • Chapter 2-
  • Chapter 3-
  • Chapter 4-
  • Chapter 5-
  • Chapter 6-Lies
  • Chapter 7-
  • Chapter 8-
  • Chapter 9-
  • Chapter 10-Princess Raquel's Bust
  • Chapter 11-
  • Chapter 12-
  • Chapter 13-Elven Cathedral Rules Number 22
  • Chapter 14-Humilliation
  • Chapter 15-Revenge
  • Chapter 16-Impeachment


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