Volume 15
LN Cover Volume 16
ISBN ISBN 978-4-7986-2022-0
Release Date October 1, 2019
Number of Pages 442
Cover Character Hiroto Kiyokawa
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Volume 15 Volume 17
The 16th Volume is the 16th novel of the Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita series. This light novel starts a new adventure where Hiroto and others are tasked by Hybride as a peacemaker for its western neighboring kingdoms-namely Agnika and Gassel respectively-in order to stop their wars. Just as they are doing so, however, Leonidas return to Hybride from Regulus and his outrageous behavior may going to jeopardize the reconciliation between 2 western kingdoms.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The new fire burns at Hybride's Western Neighbors!

On the west of Hybride Kingdom, 2 neighboring kingdoms-Agnika Kingdom and Gassel Kingdom are fighting against each other. できれば静観したいヒュブリデだったが、戦争になれば同盟国のアグニカに肩入れせざるを得ない。By doing so, however, this also means butting heards with Phyllis who is an ally to Gassel Kingdom.ヒュブリデの代表として和平に乗り出したヒロトだったが、厄介なことに海外留学中だったヒュブリデの王子レオニダスが帰国し、傍若無人なふるまいを始めて―。異世界成り上がり物語、これより新章開幕! [1]


  • Prologue-Prince's Decision
  • Chapter 1-
  • Chapter 2-
  • Chapter 3-
  • Chapter 4-
  • Chapter 5-
  • Chapter 6-Return of a Tyrant
  • Chapter 7-
  • Chapter 8-Prince and Curele
  • Chapter 9-Despair
  • Chapter 10-
  • Chapter 11-Decision
  • Chapter 12-
  • Chapter 13-To Lusina
  • Chapter 14-Bloody Revenge
  • Chapter 15-Bahram's Attack
  • Chapter 16-
  • Chapter 17-
  • Chapter 18-
  • Chapter 19-
  • Chapter 20-
  • Chapter 21-Goddess of Blood
  • Chapter 22-Resigning as a General
  • Chapter 23-Elves' Ship
  • Chapter 24-Flower and a Vase
  • Epilogue-Pearl


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  • Unika
  • Queen Astorika
  • Dorsel
  • King Pashan II
  • Queen Ismir

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