Volume 15
LN Cover Volume 15
ISBN ISBN 978-4-7986-1676-6
Release Date May 01, 2019
Number of Pages 430
Cover Character Hiroto Kiyokawa
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The 15th Volume is the 15th novel of the Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita series. Whilst continuing the rivalry between Hybride and Magia continues, Phyllis suffers its own civil discord when not only Abrahim, Phyllis's Prime Minister who allying himself with Urseus in another attempt crush Hiroto in the Summit, Anti-Hybride Faction are led by Princess Freyas-Eesh's niece and his successor in her feud against Hybride.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The diplomatic battle with Magia Kingdom Diplomatic finally comes to a conclusion!

The 3 kingdoms of Phyllis, Magia and Hybride are going to have another summit at Regulus Republic's capital. In spite of Phyllis's Prime Minister's collaboration with Magia over restricting the vampire's movement, his revolt against his king is a failure. Unable to bare their king's attitude, the angry generals seeks his majesty's niece Freyas to replace her uncle, which in turn waging war against Hybride. Can't Hiroto able to repel the female successor of Phyllis and her tactics? [1]


  • Prologue-The Royalty of Phyllis
  • Chapter 1-The King of Magia Kingdom
  • Chapter 2-Talks of Paradium
  • Chapter 3-Power of the Sheild
  • Chapter 4-General and the Princess
  • Chapter 5-Magia's Path
  • Chapter 6-
  • Chapter 7-
  • Chapter 8-Prince and Curele
  • Chapter 9-Despair
  • Chapter 10-Streets of Aden
  • Chapter 11-Decision
  • Chapter 12-
  • Chapter 13-To Lusina
  • Chapter 14-Bloody Revenge
  • Chapter 15-Bahram's Attack
  • Chapter 16-
  • Chapter 17-
  • Chapter 18-Strategist and General
  • Chapter 19-Defeat
  • Chapter 20-Without Strategy
  • Chapter 21-
  • Chapter 22-
  • Chapter 23-Countdown
  • Chapter 24-Lightning and Fire
  • Epilogue-Flower


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