Volume 13
LN Cover Volume 13
ISBN ISBN 978-4-7986-1676-6
Release Date March 30, 2018
Number of Pages 396
Cover Character Hiroto Kiyokawa
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Volume 12 Volume 14
The 13th Volume is the 13th novel of the Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita series. This light novel covers Hiroto's new rivalry against the Kingdom of Magia, a kingdom that is located on the east side from Hybride Kingdom that is ruled by a Urseus who is strongly antagonizing the Hybride Kingdom and its Vampire Tribe.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

How will Hiroto respond to a challenge from Magia Kingdom?

From a land neighboring Hybride Kingdom of the east, the Magia Kingdom was once a peaceful nation that was ruled by a wise king. When the king was collapsed, however, he was replaced by his heir Urseus who is hostile against Hybride Kingdom. To weaken Hiroto's power after seeing Hybride Kingdom's military prowess via the Vampire Army, Urseus opts to dispatch a messenger to Hiroto whereas, at the same time, the war between Vampire Army and Magia Kingdom has began. [1]


  • Prologue-The Dying Things
  • Chapter 1-The King of Magia Kingdom
  • Chapter 2-
  • Chapter 3-Neighboring Kingdom's Messenger
  • Chapter 4-General who Can't Fish
  • Chapter 5-
  • Chapter 6-
  • Chapter 7-Secret Meeting
  • Chapter 8-Bahram Palace
  • Chapter 9-Second Arrow
  • Chapter 10-
  • Chapter 11-Hybride's Vassal
  • Chapter 12-Metis
  • Chapter 13-
  • Chapter 14-
  • Chapter 15-
  • Chapter 16-Arrow of Death
  • Chapter 17-Best Opportunity
  • Chapter 18-Third Arrow
  • Chapter 19-Hybride's Threat
  • Chapter 20-Zalia's Shield
  • Chapter 21-Magia Army
  • Chapter 22-
  • Chapter 23-Checkmate
  • Chapter 24-Rushina's Crisis
  • Chapter 25-
  • Chapter 26-
  • Chapter 27-Cancellation
  • Chapter 28-Margrave's Arrow
  • Chapter 29-The Tears of the Noble
  • Epilogue-Fishing's Result


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