Volume 12
LN Cover Volume 12
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-066154-4
Release Date September 30, 2017
Number of Pages 390
Cover Character Kiyokawa Hiroto
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The 12th Volume is the 12th novel of the Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita series. This light novel featuring Hybride Kingdom's Anti-Hiroto Faction's evil conspiracy in crushing Hiroto by siding with Orfina, King Moldius's favorite concubine.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

A sinister scheme awaits for Hiroto in his first trip into the capital?!

In order to gain trust from the overwhelming Mummies, Hiroto is summoned to the Hybride Kingdom's capital and solve this crisis. However danger in the lurking within the capital as Anti-Hirito Faction's aristocrats-who viewed Hiroto as dangerous-are plotting on toppling Hirito down by choosing the King's favorite daughter Orfina as their supporter. Eventually, Hirito opts to attend his trial at the Supreme Court. In this story of the Isekai Fantasy series, how will Hirito make his move to counter the capital's alluring conspiracies?[1]



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