Volume 10
LN Cover Volume 10
ISBN ISBN 978-4-7986-1341-3
Release Date November 30, 2016
Number of Pages 351
Cover Character Kiyokawa Hiroto
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Volume 9 Volume 11
The 10th Volume is the 8th novel of the Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita series. This light novel featuring Hiroto's negotiation with Phyllis Kingdom meet some roadblock as he is dealing with two major oppositions: Joachim and Felkina.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

While Hiroto is about to have a peace negotiation with Phyllis Kingdom alone, there are two people who are strongly against this negotiation and they are making their move: One is Joachim the fallen noble of the former Northern Phyllis Kingdom, while the other is a pretty countess named Felkina who has an antagonistic view against the Phyllis Kingdom. Together they team up to set up a trap that involving Raquel (Joachim's elder sister) and Metis. What path will awaits for Hiroto in his first international politics? The Phyllis Kingdom Arc has finally comes to an end! [1]


  • Prologue-Busty Countess
  • Chapter 1-Envoy
  • Chapter 2-Hunger
  • Chapter 3-General and Margrave
  • Chapter 4-Tigre's Den
  • Chapter 5-Terchevel City
  • Chapter 6-Countess Felkina
  • Chapter 7-Dispatching
  • Chapter 8-To the Palace
  • Chapter 9-Eyes of Integrity
  • Chapter 10-Disappearance
  • Chapter 11-Overlooked
  • Chapter 12-Metis, Visit
  • Chapter 13-Vampire
  • Chapter 14-Joachim's Declaration
  • Chapter 15-To Terminus River
  • Chapter 16-True Princess
  • Epilogue-River's Sand



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