Volume 1
LN Cover Volume 1
ISBN ISBN 978-4-7986-0672-9
Release Date April 28, 2017
Number of Pages 268
Cover Character Kiyokawa Hiroto
Manga Equivalent MN CHP 1
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The 1st Volume is the 1st novel of the Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita series. This light novel featuring Hirito's adventure into a new world named Hybride Kingdom via an ancient map that begins his fist mission in subduing a Vampire, as well as his small but major rise as the Castle Lord of Solem.

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Accidentally summoned by an ancient map, first year high school student, Kiyokawa Hiroto is forced by the arrogant Lord of the castle to exterminate the vampire that has been haunting his castle. Unexpectedly befriending a girl from Mummy tribe, Hiroto skillfully managed to capture the Vampire with her help. However, he is soon framed by the Lord of the castle. Bravely and kindly aiming to be a Lord, the fantasy of being summoned to another world starts! [1]



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