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Leonidas LN
Kana レオニダス
Romaji Reonidasu
Casual Name Leonidas
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eye Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Hybride Kingdom
Occupation Prince of Hybride Kingdom
Position & Rank Prince
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative King Moldius the First|Hybride Kingdom (Father)
Hybride Kingdom(Uncle)
Hybride Kingdom(Older Brother)
Birth Place Emperia, Hybride
Light Novel Volume 13

Leonidas (レオニダス Reonidasu) is the Prince of Hybride and a son of King Moldius of Hybride Kingdom. Unlike his father, Leonidas spends his time wooing with women and his lecherousness made him infamous to the point even his own people scorns him. Initially refuses to help Hybride to repel Magia's invasion, the news about Hiroto's success in foiling Magia's scheme reaches Regulus and he garners Leonidas so much that he yearns to meet Hiroto and the vampires, with former is apparently the only person who is (somewhat) understand him, making the prince as Hiroto's stranger allies.

Character InformationEdit


Leonidas possesses with a slim yet well build body and a long, blonde hair that is no longer than the shoulder.


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While what caused Julius's death was unknown, it presumably changed Leonidas drastically and overtime, his relationship with Moldius was

At one point, Leonidas was sent to one of Regulus's prestige academy and befriended with Urseus while under the discipline of Cognidus and Dialogs. To the Elven Senators' disappointment, however, instead of studying with the would-be king, Leonidas spent most of his time wooing with women and having fun with them. As the result, Urseus graduated earlier than Leonidas while Leonidas continued his carefree life at Regulus.


Volume 13Edit

Some time have passed, Leonidas received a news from a messenger about Urseus's vile attack onto Hybride by attacking Lusinia, though the prince himself refuses to do anything about it.

Volume 14Edit

In the second visit, Leonidas was delighted to see Hiroto again but becoming disappointed when he didn't see his father anywhere. In a twist of irony, Hiroto utilized his second meeting with Leonidas, along with his cryptic words, to win the debate against Urseus, Cognidas and Dialogs by explaining the prince's possible desire to invade both Magia and Regulus as his retaliation for the 2 kingdoms harm against Hybdire.

Volume 15Edit

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Volume 16Edit

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=Succession Dispute Against Hydran's Faction=Edit

Volume 17Edit

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