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King's Visit
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Part 1Edit

As Univestel took horse carriage and rush for the Elder Council, he reflected himself about his own folly for unable to see through Phyllis's schemes in assassinating Hiroto. Panopticus, meanwhile, called Infilia out for her miscalculation about Hiroto but Infilia warned him about Hiroto's incredible feat made him a dangerous opponent, only for her to be rendered speechless by Panopticus's rhetorical question of living at Hybride as either a ruined kingdom under his regime or a peaceful one without his leadership.

Part 2Edit

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Part 3Edit

One week later ,Hiroto and co are then take their break at the hot-spring nearby that is sponsored by Darmur, while guarded by soldiers from Terminus Castle led by Carabella and his skeleton army. Sōichirō is then bathing with Curele while hearing commotions from the other side, prompting the former to berate Hiroto whilst wondering what is going on over there. Meanwhile, Hiroto is teased by Excelis who is flirting with him alongside Valkyria, Mimia and Sorceire.

Part 5Edit

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Part 6Edit

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