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Chapter 20
Restoring Honor
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Meanwhile, King Esh becomes speechless after hearing Phyllis Army's surprising defeat by the Vampire Alliance Army. Not only the pincer attack fails when one Deserg Clan member was murdered during the commotion-which garnered the vampires' animosity against them, what's made his army's defeat more humiliating was that Curele has beaten the army by herself via sinking their rafts that drowned soldiers; as well as one general's death that forced them to retreat. Abrahim immediately blames himself for the army's defeat and urges Esh to punish him because the pincer attack was his idea. Esh however rejects Abrahim's request as he fears that he will lost direction if even his ministers are dead. So, he still have Abrahim to aid him instead which the Prime Minister nods.

At the Royal Palace, everybody celebrates their surprising victory against 10,000 strong Phyllis Army with merely 800 Vampires. King Moldius is so grateful to Hiroto's heroic deeds that he wishes to reward Hiroto and yearns to apology at him. Bishop Angelus then reluctantly to tell King Moldius to fulfill Hiroto's 3 requests. Panopticus insists that Moldius's judgement was never wrong, though Moldius admits that dismissing Hiroto was his mistake whilst asking his Prime Minister if he truly wants remove a hero like Hiroto and a vampire who have a caliber to repel 10,000 enemy troops. As Panopticus and other ministers have become speechless after hearing their king's question, Moldius declares that the positions of Hiroto and Curele are reinstated. At the same time, Sobrinus also reports to Moldius about a petition of removal from Elven Elder Council's Primaria units and Secondaria units. According to that petition, Kestel, a Parliamentary Official, has repeatedly interfering the affairs that no officials should and, instead of Hiroto, he was the one who defied royal orders by leaving his battle against Phyllis Army. The news about Kestel's cowardice infuriates Moldius that he eventually accepts the petition to deal with Kestel.

As Panopticus returns to his room while petting his cat, his aide Delegelis is not satisfied by this outcome whilst Infilia could only remain silent. Even though he is not doubting Hiroto's feat by repelling 10,000 Phyllis Army, Delegelis proceed to comment his worries as he claims Hiroto's return to power will spell trouble to them. This prompts Panopticus asking his aide if he is planning on eliminating Hiroto, but before Delegelis could even suggest this plan, Panopticus explains that killing Hiroto would only benefits Esh and he is not planning to be a prisoner under Phyllis Kingdom. So, he urges his aide to wait for the right moment to strike. Moreover, Panopticus further claims that the battle will only gets fiercer when the situation favors Sobrinus than him.

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