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Part 3Edit

The celebration begins with a ball where everyone, from Darmur and Manielis to Hiroto and his allies, are dancing with the vampires. After the ball, Hiroto left to the balcony and watching the night sky. Gezerkia, accompanied by Desergues Clan Vampires, flew onto the balcony and thanking Hiroto for helping them find Gygas' murderer and let them dealt the murderer by themselves. Therefore, as her gratitude, Gezerkia and Desergues Clan Vampires bow to Hiroto-who was staring at her buxom cleavage at the time-and swore that the Gezerkia Alliance will never attack Salabria again. Afterwards, Gezerkia and Desergues Clan Vampires bid Hiroto farewell and fly away. To Hiroto's surprise, his interaction with Gezerkia has garners Valkyria's jealousy to the point pressing her breasts onto Hiroto's head, alongside Mimia, Sorceire and even Excelis who also clinging onto him. In spite of this, Hiroto savored this moment as if he indulged the "full course" while thinking that being the Governor of Salabria was fun.

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  • The return of Hiroto and his allies (specifically Excelis and Curele) along with their reinstated status has greatly affecting Hybride in general.


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