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Bathing Women
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In the morning, Valkyria is bathing at a remote river while putting some red flowers onto her body in order to impress Hiroto. At the same time, she is worries that her fellow vampires (specifically Zeldis and Baldos) are still skeptical about Darmur's promise in terminating the Secondaria Development Plan. Nonetheless, Valkyrie remain optimistic as she believes that Hiroto will do something about it.

At Solum, whilst Hiroto has yet to wake up and the skeletons are ready for their training, the mother Vampire bids her son farewell whilst leaving him to Carabella's care. Later, she flies off from and sends letters for Neka.

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  • Even though Darmur just became Hiroto's new ally as his gratitude for the latter's heroic deeds at Secondaria, the Vampires are still skeptical about his promise in terminating the Secondaria Development Plan: Zeldis, despite being grateful to Hiroto for rescuing Valkyria from her doom, has half-thoughts about it. Baldos (Zeldis's right-hand man) meanwhile strongly against this alliance out of his distrust against humans. In any case, its only up to Hiroto to truly persuade Darmur to stop the Secondaria Development Plan.
  • It reveals that 2 months of time-skip, the vampire mother and son eventually settle themselves at Zeldis's turf and pays her service to Hiroto; all to repay his kindness back at Secondaria's wilderness. The vampire mother, whose name is Slara in the manga adaptation, is now working as a postwomen of Solum.


  • In the manga adaptation, the mother vampire is named as Slara.
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