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Chapter 7
Castle Lord of Secondaria
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Part 1.1Edit

At Neka, whilst combing her hair Sorceire sighs because she is unable to talk to Hiroto due to his case at Secondaria that cancelled tomorrow's picnic. Not only she worries that Hiroto and others will not be staying at Neka for long, she also becomes envious towards Valkyria and Mimia due to their close bond with Hiroto. Still, Sorceire hopes that Hiroto will return from Secondaria because she yearns to talk more with him.

Meanwhile, Souichiro also worried about Hiroto while hoping his friend will succeed in Secondaria. Suddenly, someone opens his room's room and it is none other Curele who wants him to read a book to her in spite of nighttime. Regardless, Souichiro reluctantly finds a book with Curele and read it to her before bedtime.

At Secondaria, Hiroto and Darmur then book a villa for a night. Afterwards, Hiroto then takes the bath whilst still concerning about his victorious debate against Torlan; especially the aftermath where Darmur and Solum will be dragged into his impending feud against Secondaria. Suddenly, Valkyria barges into the bathroom and joins Hiroto in a bath and telling him that she likes a person who is smart and handsome just like him.

Part 2Edit

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Part 3Edit

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Part 4Edit

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Part 5Edit

The next day, Alvy arrives at Darmur's villa and greet Hiroto along the way.

Part 6Edit

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Highlighted NotesEdit

  • Anything that involves Feuillet displays the Secondaria Lord's retaliation against Hiroto and his allies (including the recent ally Darmur) and considering his unrivaled cunning as well as his selfishness on focusing the Secondaria Project over his subjects, he could be one of Hirito's worst rivals.
    • First off, Alvy's warning to Hiroto about Feuillet itself has prove the lord's stronger influence over Secondaria-something even the Elves Community of Secondaria has to be wary off. According to Alvy, unlike his steward Torlan who prefers, Feuillet prefers on "soft" approach via his strategies on crushing his own enemies and his cunning is far more slier than Torlan's.


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