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Chapter 2
Secondaria Alliance
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Part 1.1Edit

At Secondaria, all members of the Secondaria Alliance-which comprises castle lords from Rito, Ardus, Norte and Lusa, as well as Neka's steward on Darmur's behalf-attending a meeting regarding Secondaria's Development Plan. In the meeting, Lusa Lord expresses his sympathy towards Darmur because his reason in opposing the project was to repay Hiroto for saving saving Sorceire. Torlan however insists on preventing Darmur's termination onto the project and when Lusa Lord asks why, Torlan "explains" that the introduction of the taxation of the toll on the project was a part of a condition of joining the alliance-something Lusa Lord deems suspicious as he claims that all of them have forged the alliance without that condition. Therefore, the meeting is adjourned with disappointment.

Part 1.2Edit

The outcome infuriates Torlan to the point blaming the previous incidents in Secondaria-from Sorceire's disappearance to Bandits' Attack onto the Church-that resulted Darmur's "defection" for Solum. To make matters worse for Torlan, he read a letter from Feuillet that specifically orders him not to do aything before the noble's return from his business. Still, Torlan murmurs that the Secondaria Development Plan will be in jeopardy if he doesn't do something about it.

Part 3Edit

Meanwhile, on their way for Neka, Curele is sleeping after listening to Sōichiro's stories whilst Hiroto looks at a scenery and eating an apple is cut by Mimia. Valkyrie then asks Hiroto if Darmur truly keeping his words of terminating Secondaria Development Plan, which Hiroto ensures her that everything will according to plan.

Part 4Edit

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Highlighted NotesEdit

  • Out of all members of Secondaria Alliance, only Darmur is absent in the meeting as he refused to attend even he received so many letters from Torlan himself. Therefore, Neka is the first city in Secondaria to against the Secondaria Development Order.
  • Darmur and Sorceire's backstory is partially explained in this chapter: As most of Darmur's children were perished even as stillbirth, Sorceire was the forth and only infant who was born without incident. Therefore, Darmur loved Sorceire as his crown jewel.
    • In fact, for this reason, Darmur gave many presents to Solum which became a main contributor to its rise.


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