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Curele's Sortie
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Part 1Edit

Away from Solum lies a forest that is located at the nearby plains where the vampires inhabited. Inside one of the camp, Curele, while holding a book, is looking for somebody reading a book for her.

Part 2Edit

Elsewhere at Neka's forests, there is a pair of mother-and-son vampires who are starving due to Neka's deforestation. In order to get something to eat, the mother vampire tells her son to stay behind while she flies off and find her prey. When she eventually finds her prey-a pair of hunters who wandering around in the forest. Eventually, she finds her preys-the two hunters who are wandering around at the forest-and pounce onto one of them and sucks his blood. Unfortunately, the mother vampire forces to leave as another hunter retaliate by shooting arrows at her. Eventually, the mother vampire safely flies back to her son but she worries that if the situation persists, both she and her child will die by starvation.

Part 3Edit

Back at the camp, Valkyrie returns from her visit onto Hiroto and calls for Curele but her sister is nowhere to be found. She then heading to her father's camp but not even Zeldis know where his second daughter was.

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