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Tribes of Ears
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The following day after the return of the Spirit's Light, Sentelio visits the ranch and asks Carabella about the horse which the skeleton replies that everything is ready. Later, Sentelio, alongside with Souichiro and Carabella, deliver the horse both Hiroto and Mimia.

Just as Hiroto and Mimia are about to leave Solum and check out the school, an elf whose name as Alvy stands in front of Solum's gates and request to meet its castle lord, to which Hiroto replies by revealing his identity. Alvy is shocked to hear this and removes his hat and, after Hiroto introducing Mimia to him, her tells the duo that he some something urgent to tell them. Sentelio, who is shocked to see an elf visits Solum for the first time, begin to wonder if Hiroto maybe the savior of this world.

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  • This chapter illustrates Solum's unexpected visit by an elf which considered to be a "miracle" as the town itself is rarely visited by one.


  • This setting in the prologue set 4 days after Hiroto's arrival to Hybride Kingdom.


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