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Chapter 20
The Playboy and Vampire
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Part 1Edit

When the Hybride Faction leave the room, Dialogos appears from the book shelf and talk with Cognadus in regards of the vampires, especially when Curele senses him hiding somewhere from within.

Part 2Edit

Outside, Hiroto requests Universtel to meet Leonidas but the Elven Elder protest against it as he not only belittling the prince but also urging Hiroto to be wary of his position as he visiting the prince will only adding the latter's ego. In spite Hiroto says that it is his duty to meet the price, Universtel stubbornly refuses so Hiroto will going to meet him by himself. Valkyria wants to join him to meet the Leonidas and when Hiroto tells him that he is a playboy, she says she will bite him if he does anything funny to her.

Meanwhile, Leonidas is wooing with 2 women and when a messenger arrives, he pretend not to hear until messenger tells him about Hiroto and Valkyria which prompts him to change his mind and welcome them. Upon meeting with Hiroto and Valkyria, Leonidas is so astonished to see the vampire that she finds her interesting and her ire feeling for him only adding the prince excitement. Anyways, after their respective introduction, Leonidas commenting Hiroto for having an interesting "girlfriend" and even thanking them for the visit. As soon as both Hiroto and Valkyria leaves the room, Leonidas returns to his room while anticipating to meet them again.

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