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Part 1Edit

At Magia, Urseus is shocked to hear Zalia's report about his army's unexpected defeat by Hiroto and the Vampire even within the forest. As Zalia blames herself for Magia Army's defeat, Urseus apologizes to her instead and blames himself for his miscalculations about the enemies' true caliber. Regardless, this outcome further increasing Urseus's hostility against the vampires as he deems their achievements may makes them more distinguishable at Hybride.

Part 2Edit

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Part 3Edit

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Highlighted NotesEdit

  • The chapter highlights the effects of Magia Army's severe defeat by the vampires to almost everyone, specifically the antagonists who battled against Hiroto and the Vampires.
    • Urseus is both shocked and concerned after hearing the news about his army's defeat from Zalia's report. This, however, only escalates the rivalry between Hybride and Magia furrther as Urseus believes that the vampires' soaring reputation at Hybride only further jeopardizing Magia's "peace" if he doesn't do anything about it.
    • Esh also seemly disappointed when his soldiers' attack onto Hybride-something that is proposed by Abrahim-was stopped by the vampires to the point demoting Germesh's position as the general. 
    • Regulus Republic is also shaken when Cognadus and Dialogs view the vampires' further rise of notoriety has spread across the continent. From what they know about the vampires' infamy for attacking humans whenever their livelihood and habitat are threaten, they believes that their involvement in Hiroto's feud against Phyllis has changed everything and Urseus's rash decision that backfired him only worsen the situation.


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