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The Big River's Sand
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Part 1Edit

Upon her return to Primaria Castle, Raquel lies on her bed while thinking not just her meeting with Hiroto and Metis, but her pity towards Joachim's miserable fate that was resulted from his folly. Meanwhile, Joachim and Felkina are inside their room with the former relfecting his mistakes by thinking about words from Hiroto's and Raquel's words. Felkina apologizes to Joachim for her mistakes but Joachim forgives her. As Joachim asks Felkina about her back pain, Felkina claims that her pain is nothing compared to his failure and blames herself it. This prompts Joachim to recall a reminiscence of Northern Phyllis Kingdom's past-specifically it's sandy lands. Felkina confesses that she too wishes to step on her homeland's soil but worrying about the enemy, much to Joachim's silence as he thinks about his homeland and how close he was to achieve his dream.

Before his transfer, Joachim and Felkina reunite meets Raquel who berates him for his foolishness that caused Felkina's injuries. As Joachim remains speechless, Raquel then asks her brother if he still going to revive Northern Phyllis Kingdom because he missed its sand. Joachim, whilst crying, tearfully that he could at least able see Terminus River had he successfully revive his homeland. Raquel then hugs Joachim and tells him that in spite of her love for Terminus River's sand like him, she still thinks his battle as dangerous to which Joachim understands whilst keep crying. Whilst trying to understand her brother's motivation in revitalizing the Northern Phyllis Kingdom's glory and the consequences of it, Raquel then comforting Felkina and tells her that she will not let her brother to be executed, even though chances are from little to none. So she seeks Hiroto for help.

Part 3Edit

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Part 11Edit

Elsewhere at a nearby hot spring, Hiroto and Valkyria also read Joachim letter.

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Highlighted NotesEdit

  • This epilogue chapter summarizing the aftermath of Joachim's defeat as well as his upcoming punishment. Many characters especially Raquel (Joachim's sister) and Felkina (Joachim's love interest) are heavy hearted when they learn about Joachim's possible punishment for his defeat since they see them as an important person in their life, in spite of his recklessness.
    • Raquel, despite her success in stopping her brother's madness, still worries since he is her only relative left in her life even with his flaws-specifically his naivete and his recklessness.
    • Felkina is especially regret for her decision that not only resulted her back injury, but also costed Joachim's mission in reviving the North Phyllis Kingdom.


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