Hybride and Phyllis, also known as Second Arc, is the second saga of the series. It is set in time skip of some months after the Corectio in Salabria .The saga contains four main story arcs: The first story featuring Hiroto's rivalry with Gezerkia and his efforts to quell her rampage with Salabria Vampires. Second story chronicling Panopticus (Prime Minister of Hybride who is vocal against the Ibrid System) attempt to ruin Hiroto's reputation, only be interrupted by the Phyllis-Hybride's rival kingdom from the south-which trying to invade Salabria. In the third and final story arc, it features Hiroto's fierce feud with Phyllis as he trying to outwit .

During Hiroto's reign as the Governor of Salabria, a vampire by the name Gezerkia wrecked havoc across Olsia (Salabria's neighboring state) and conquered some of its cities along the way. To combat Gezerkia's threat, Hiroto is tasked to exterminate this menace but he opts to negotiate with her instead and a this saved both Olsia and Gezerkia's clan from oblivion. However despite his success, Emperia still distrusts Hiroto and under Emperia's authority plot by Panopticus, he was dismissed as the Governor of Hybride; coincidentally, Phyllis marches towards Salabria under Eesh's order in order to force Hybride to hand over the North Phyllis remnant, only to be severely quashed by the vampires via their cooperation with the returning Hiroto.

This overall saga is split into two mini sagas with each consists three main Story Arcs:

Gezerkia Arc focusing Hiroto's feud with Gezerkia the Red-Winged Vampire while exploring more about Hybride by showcasing Emperia-the capital city of the kingdom and its court that comprised with King Moldius I and his ministers. Hybride Minister Arc not only chronicling Emperia's reaction to Hiroto's success to the point trying to sabotage his journey to greatness, it also officially introducing Phyllis. The stories of Phyllis Affairs Arc.

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