Hiroto KiyokawaEdit

The youngest Diferente from another world who became has been risen as the new State Sheriff of Salabria.


Rivals and EnemiesEdit


LN Volume 14 Gezerkia and Disgurd

Gezerkia and Disgurd dislike each other.

Disgurd is a vampire who hailed from the Blue-Winged Vampire Clan and also Gezerkia's rival. Even both Gezerkia and Disgurd are vampires aside from their wing colors, their relationship are hostile as they both loathe against each other, especially the latter due to her jealousy for the former's buxom appearance and her authority.

During the intense rivalry between Hybride and Magia in Volume 14 during the Four Kingdoms Summit, Disgurd allying herself with Urseus whilst Gezerkia sides with Hiroto. Even when Zeldis becomes a mediator to pacify them from fighting against each other, neither Gezerkia nor Disgurd willing to put their differences aside due to their different allegiance with their respective faction. Whilst they are far from reconcile even after Disgurd have witnessed Hiroto's capability in his debate, in Volume 15 both Gezerkia and Disgurd have to work together in order to help Hiroto from his enemies.

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