Gezerkia LN
Kana ゲゼルキア
Romaji Gezerukia
Race Vampire
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eye Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Red-Wing Vampire Tribe
Vampire Revolt Army (Former)
Occupation Vampire Revolt Army
Position & Rank Leader
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative ???
Birth Place ???
Light Novel Volume 5

Gezerkia (ゲゼルキア Gezerukia) is a vampire and one of the characters from Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita series. Hailed from Hybride's northern province, she is the leader of her clan and becomes infamous for wrecking havoc across Orsia by taking over its cities. She then plans on attacking Salabria despite Zeldis's scolding only to be outwitted by Hiroto and his allies instead. It is only until Phyllis's scheme comes to play where Gezerkia finally accepts Hiroto's help to find and defeat the enemy. Ever since then, Gezerkia becomes one of Hiroto's allies.

Character InformationEdit


Like most vampires, Gezerkia has half long ears and a pair wings but unlike Zeldis and other vampires, she wing is red-colored that representing her own clan. She also has a pair of red-pinkish eyes as well as her short red-amber colored hair.


Gezerkia is a hot-headed, stubborn and strong vampires who isn't afraid of any challenge ahead of her.


Gezerkia used to live a happy life until castle lords of Orsia initiated the Reclamation Project in order to develop their respective cities. Not only the Reclamation Project nearly decimating the wolves population, it also destroyed her family when all of her siblings were perished due to starvation, making her as the only survivor in her former family. As the result, she hold a great animosity against humanity and vowed to decimate cities as revenge for her misery. At one time, she also had a bitter feud with Disgurd as they often seen quarreled each other [1]


Volume 5Edit

Part 5Edit

After Hiroto and Zeldis left and returned to Primaria, Gezerkia remarked the former's amazing caliber that dissuaded her from keep attacking Orsia by mentioning the consequences of inviting Spirit's wrath her while suggesting her to make a deal with Orsia Castle Lord's butler instead. This alone prompted Gezerkia to view Hiroto as an interesting man and vowed not to attack Salabria as long he is its Governor.

Visit of SolumEdit

LN 6 Illus 1

Gezerkia's first visit onto Solum.

Sometime has passed since her first defeat, Gezerkia was having a hot-spring bath with her fellow vampires and she hears their dissatisfaction about her last defeat to Hiroto and Zeldis's friendship with the humans. Intrigued, she invited 2 subordinates to visit Solum and in order to avoid detection, they covered themselves with cloths and filed towards the town. Once they landed and entered Solum, however, Gezerkia and her subordinates were astonished by its lively autosphere where humans and Other Species coexisted together. Unfortunately, she was caught by Alvy and guards when she frighten a mother-son and both Gezerkia and her subordinate were taken to the local cathedral and meet Hiroto, who was waiting for her after hearing her visit via a messenger.

Gygas's Death and Battle Against PhyllisEdit

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Part 3Edit

Unbeknownst to Gezerkia, her latest rampage eventually reached Emperia where Panopticus and Sobrinus argued for solutions but the news of Phyllis Army's invasion onto Salabria forced Moldius to pardon Hiroto and borrow the vampires's power to repel the invading enemy.

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