Gezerkia LN
Kana ゲゼルキア
Romaji Gezerukia
Race Vampire
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eye Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Red-Wing Vampire Tribe
Vampire Revolt Army (Former)
Occupation Vampire Revolt Army
Position & Rank Leader
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative ???
Birth Place ???
Light Novel Volume 5

Gezerkia (ゲゼルキア Gezerukia) is a leader of a Vampire Army of Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita series. Hailed from Hybride Kingdom's northern province, she is a vampire who loathes humanity because of deforestation in her area that resulted the dangerous decline of the wolves' population, Therefore, she forged a rebellion army against Hybride Kingdom by wrecking havoc at Orsia. Following her defeat by Hiroto by strategy that held her down, however, Gezerkia has becoming one of his allies.

Character InformationEdit


Like most vampire, Gezerkia has red colored Vampire Wings, half-long ears, a pair of red-pinkish eyes as well as her short red-amber colored hair.


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Volume 5Edit

Part 5Edit

While seeing Hiroto and Zeldis leave the meeting spot, Gezerkia remarks her impression about Hiroto's caliber that impressed her; not only didn't Hiroto deny her, he dissuaded her from attacking Olsina further by mentioning the consequences of Spirit's wrath while suggested her to make a deal with Olsina Castle Lord's butler instead. This alone prompts Gezerkia view Hiroto as an interesting character and thinking that she will not lay her hands onto Salabria as long Hiroto is its State Sheriff.

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