Introducing Feuillet
Kana フェイエ
Romaji Fueie
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair N/A
Eye Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Secondaria Alliance
Hybride Kingdom
Occupation Noble
Position & Rank Lord of Secondaria
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative Unknown
Birth Place Secondaria
Light Novel Volume 3
Manga Chapter 27

Feuillet (フェイエ Fueie) is a Lord of Secondaria and a minor antagonist of Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita series. Unlike his steward Torlan, Feuillet is more cunning, perspective and patient castle lord who utilizing "soft ways" to crush his enemies. After hearing Torlan's 2 defeats by Hiroto-the new Lord of Solum, Feuillet is next to plotting his plan to tarnish Solum's reputation in order to restore the people's "faith" for Secondaria. When even his plan backfires as Hiroto eventually rescued both Neka and Natra from their respective crisis, however, Feuillet is forced to deal with Hiroto in the upcoming Salabria's Corectio-which also involving Excelis the elven lord of Primaria.

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Compared to Torlan, Feuillet is more cunning and patient opportunist who willing to bid his time for better execution.


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In the third and final debate, Feuillet is the final participants alongside Hiroto and Excelis.


  • In the post-Corectio stories, Feuillet is one of few castle lords of Salabria who believes in Hiroto's innocence as he remarks that Salabria will never be safe without the Diferente's leadership, considering his extraordinary foresight that enabled him to win the previous Corectio and repelled Gezerkia's invasion attempt onto Salabria


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