Felkina do Lalente
Felkinna do Lalente LN
Kana フェルキナ.ド.ラレンテ
Romaji Ferukina.Do.Rarente
Casual Name Felkinna
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eye Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation ???
Occupation Noble
Position & Rank Countess
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative Unknown
Birth Place ???
Light Novel Volume 10

Felkina do Lalente (フェルキナ.ド.ラレンテ Ferukina.Do.Rarente) is a countess from Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita series as one of two people (the other happens to be her lover Joachim, who also Raquel's younger brother) antagonizing Hiroto's plot in pacifying the rivalry bewteen Hybride and Phyllis.

Character InformationEdit


Felkina is often seen with a voluptuous figure with huge buxom. As a noblewomen, she is often seen wearing lavish noble dress with jewelries while donning her signature noble hat with a black feather on it.


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Volume 10Edit

Volume 13Edit

1 year have passed since Joachim's imprisonment under King Moldius's decree, Felkina still despised Hiroto in spite of his mercy to Joachim. When she read Hiroto's letter in regards of his metting with Nestoria as wll as Magia's intentions onto Hybride, Felkina instead ignored Hiroto's request as she threw them into the fireplace while thinking about replaying Urseus's "aid" for her and Joachim, all the while thinking about meeting Joachim again. Unbeknownst to even her, Magia has already planning on crushing the vampires but she ignored Hiroto's letters.

It was only until the news of both Phyllis's retaliation and Falby's death made Felkina regretted for not replying Hiroto's letters. To make matters even worse, she confronted both Lemaire and Nestoria who compelled her in supporting the Probation against Vampire's entry into Sigil so they can cripple Hiroto and the vampires and, to her horror, the probation itself was Belffergo's plot but both Lemaire and Nestoria pressuring her to accept the probation as they claimed that this is their chance to crush Hiroto and the vampire. This infuriated Felkina as she learned Urseus's true colors.

Volume 14Edit

Volume 15Edit

Sometime later, Felkina receives a letter from Freyas.


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