Disgurd LN
Kana デスギルド
Romaji Desugirudo
Race Vampire
Gender Female
Hair Blue
Eye Light Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue-Wing Vampire Tribe
Occupation Leader of the Blue-Wing Vampire Tribe
Position & Rank Leader
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative ???
Birth Place ???
Light Novel Volume 14

Disgurd (デスギルド Desugirudo) is one of the vampires of Kou 1 Desu Ga Isekai De Joushu Hajimemashita series. Unlike the other vampires, Disgurd doesn't affiliate with Hybride Kingdom and she has a nasty rivalry against Gezerkia due to her jealousy for her beauty, prestige and even her bust size. She is also seemly "willing" to be Urseus's "ally" in his another attempt on attacking Hybride, though not without forcing him to comply some of her ridiculous demand in return: making her the Queens of Vampires. However, after witnessing Hiroto's prowess and charisma that outsmarting even Urseus, Disgurd then begin to get close with Hiroto.

Character InformationEdit


Disgurd is a vampire who has long, blue hair as well as half-long ears and a pair of light blue eyes. Much like her rival Gezerkia, Disgurd possesses a well endowed body as well as a large buxom.


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Volume 14Edit

Volume 15Edit

In the 15th Volume, Disgurd makes an uneasy alliance with Gezerkia and Zeldis in order help Hiroto during the 2nd Four Kingdoms Summit.


  • According to Kagami, Disgurd's name is the combination of "Death" and "Guild" meshed together as one, like Zeldis and Gezerkia.
  • By far, Disgurd is the one of the few vampires who does not reside at Hybrideis not reside at Hybride.
  • Due to her bitter rivalry with Gezerkia prior to his , Disgurd despises anything that is red in color.
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