Kana コグニダス
Romaji Kogunidasu
Casual Name Cognadus
Race Elf
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Eye Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Regulus Republic
Occupation Official of Regulus's High Counsel
Position & Rank Official
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative ???
Birth Place ???
Light Novel Volume 13

Cognidus (コグニダス Uruseusu) is the High Counsel of Regulus Republic and also a former teacher to Urseus and Leonidas

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Volume 13Edit

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Behind his silence, however, lies his denial about such possibilities but every scenario Cognidus could think of only ends up follows Hiroto's prediction; causing him to regret for supporting Urseus despite knowing Leonidas's true genius as well as Regulus's shame for angering Hybride's elves. When Hiroto continues his speech, Cognidus asks Dialogos if he can find its flaws only question by his partner instead; leaving him to feel defeated as he realizes that the Diferente's strength comes from not his debate quality but his ability in understanding the situation and predicting its future.

Volume 15Edit

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  • According to Hiroyuki, Cognidus's name means cognition in English which may reflects his wisdom and experience.
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